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Our exclusive local tours will engage your senses into a diversity of breathtaking experiences through the great outdoors of this un-spoilt gem. Our land adventures via horseback, bicycle, safari jeeps, buggies, military style open bed trucks, zip line or aerial trams allows you to get up close and personal with an array of flora and fauna, through its undulating topography of valleys, mystical mountains, botanical gardens, tranquil rainforests and your choice of gold or sulphuric grey sandy beaches on either sides of the Ocean. With the island’s ecotourism capital of Soufriere boasting two world renowned landmarks of the majestic Pitons and the world’s only drive in volcano, this is a must see for any visitor to the Island. St. Lucia’s underwater world unveils  a phenomena of unmatched scenic beauty with a diverse array of plant life, fish species and an uncanny configuration of reefs in a kaleidoscope of colors that is second to none.

Coming soon: Our signature authentic Caribbean Bookins tour experience.


Patrons would be tour guided on rented go-carts to a dedicated un-spoilt beach, on arrival would be treated to a full aromatherapy massage; thereafter the party begins with a duo steel band or folklore team providing music throughout the 5 hour experience. The highpoint of the event would be the live cooking displays from the fusion of the most exotic and indigenous Cuisine preparations and International acclaimed award winning recipes and cocktails from arrival on the beach.

Top 10 airline baggage tips

1. Travel with only carry-on luggage

By using only carry-on luggage, you do not risk having checked luggage lost or stolen. Also, review’s information for general baggage resources for general limits on carry-on luggage, and also the page with tips and advice for carry on baggage.

While the weight limit for carry-on items is generally about 40 lbs. (18.2 kg.), even a much lighter bag may cause severe injury if it falls out of the bin. For more information, refer to the AirSafe Journal article discussing head injury risks from overhead luggage.

In addition to this information, you should also put a copy of your itinerary inside every bag to make it easier for the airline to reunite you if you are separated from your luggage. Do this with your carry-on bag in case you are forced to check that bag at the last minute. For personal security reasons, you may want to use an address other than your home address.

Many bags on a flight may have a similar design, so customize the bag to make it easy to spot on a baggage carousel. This will keep other passengers from picking it up by mistake.

Money, laptop computers, electronic files, and other items of high value or importance should be kept in a carry-on bag, preferably one that is small enough to stow under a seat. The airline may insist on checking larger carry-on bags if the overhead bins become filled. Also, keep in mind that fors ome large and valuable items like a wedding dress, you may only be able to carry it in a checked bag.

Every piece of checked luggage should have a three-letter airport identifier that matches your destination airport. If you are unsure of the code, ask the ticket agent or skycap.

This stub is a critical document that will be needed if your luggage is lost by the airline or if you are trying to prove that you own a piece of luggage.

If your checked bag does not arrive at your destination, immediately report this problem to the baggage agent on duty or to any other available representative from your airline.

Pack key items in your carry-on bag like extra underwear or essential items for a business meeting so you can continue your trip if your checked bags are lost or delayed.

There are quite a number of items or materials, some of them not so obvious, that may pose a risk if taken on an aircraft. Visit for its list of items restricted or banned from airline aircraft for more details.


  • We planned a short stay to St. Lucia and booked through Caribbean bookins. We opted for an all-inclusive resort at an affordable price and was facilitated with a tour of available options by Sales agent Sherman- His extensive knowledge of the full range of options was refreshing. He eventually convinced us to book at the St. Lucian by Rex Resorts which was a perfect choice our room was right on the best beach in St. Lucia in the sprawling north of the island with everything you need to have on a  vacation. We arrived via Express des isles at Port Castries and Sherman was the perfect host from  with cold minted towels  to the exquisite Caribbean bookins cocktail special ( a mixture of St. Lucian rums liqueurs shaked with a blend of  paw paw and melon juice by the abled mixologist ) set the pace for what was going be an unforgettable experience. From arrival at the Hotel , the unlimited food and drinks, pick up to our shopping tours in the nearby malls and attendance at the “life in  Color” summer party  where everything that you would dream of could happen, happened the rest is History we have already booked for Carnival and all the related parties for next year.

    Kester Peter of Dominica
  • I booked my group of 6 athletes and officials through Caribbean  bookins to an international sporting event in St. Lucia and in all my travels internationally we have never been treated with such royalty,  from the initial enquiry through confirmation the sales and service agent was awesome, On arrival at hewanorra International airport we were given priority immigration clearance with the warmest of welcome, presented with cold minted towels with a  choice of fresh fruit juices a fruit plate and a choice of sparkling or still water. We were given a guided tour en route to the Blu St. Lucia Hotel . The rest of the experience from the friendly staff at the resort, the general organization from Hotel to event venue through departure was unquestionable our best experience. We were even presented with souvenirs of the island on departure. We would highly recommend Caribbean bookins.

    Edward Francois – Netherlands

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