TRI Saint Lucia

A triathlon hosted in Saint Lucia with a week long festival of fun activities including an ocean swim, an aquathlon (swim and run) and a beach run. Designed for all ages and fitness levels, these activities provide holiday makers and locals with a taste of an overall triathlon. The course includes a swim in the […]

Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival

Revamped, redesigned and with a broadened artistic direction, the Caribbean's premier cultural event — the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival — will attract thousands to Simply Beautiful Saint Lucia. Cultural enthusiasts, festival lovers and music aficionados will be wooed by over 50 world-acclaimed entertainers and artisans over the 11-day festival, which runs April 29 to [...]

Saint Lucia Carnival

Carnival: Saint Lucian Style Pumping rhythms, sexy costumes and the people dancing under the warm Caribbean sun; welcome to Saint Lucia Carnival! Almost on the heels of the annual Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, Saint Lucia’s cultural landscape morphs into a flurry of chrome plated steel drums, feathers, and beads. No matter where you […]

Mercury Beach

The Mercury Beach Event is the most anticipated event hosted by the French-Caribbean nationals from Martinique and Guadeloupe which will take place in Saint Lucia on the Pigeon Island Beach on August 14th, 2016 from 8am to sundown. This year we expect approximately 325 vessels from Martinique and over 7000 visitors from neighboring Guadeloupe, St Vincent, […]

Jounen Kweyol

This day celebrates the French/African dialect widely spoken in Saint Lucia. Saint. Lucians celebrate Jounen Kweyol on the Sunday closest to this date. A mix of creole (Kweyol) food, music, games and folklore come together to give this festival a unique flavor. The celebrations are held in four chosen communities each year and Saint. Lucians […]

Dive Festival 2016

Dive Fest Saint Lucia 2016  Saturday 10th to Saturday 17th September, 2016 Overview The Saint Lucia Dive Association puts on Dive Fest 2016 in celebration of the wonderful and spectacular dive sites and reefs across the island.  Saint Lucia is one of the most scenic islands in the Caribbean, with first-rate diving and snorkelling just [...]

Chocolate Heritage Month

Chocolate Heritage In Saint Lucia Spend August satisfying your sweet tooth during Saint Lucia’s Chocolate Heritage Month. Saint Lucia’s chocolate legacy dates back to the thriving cocoa industry of the 1700’s and the island still produces some of the world’s most sought-after chocolate. Many of Saint Lucia’s top resort spas and restaurants use the island’s […]

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

Organized by World Cruising Club, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is the largest trans-ocean sailing event in the world and regularly attracts upwards of 200 boats of many shapes and sizes. The journey takes between two to three weeks aided by trade winds and covers more than 2,700 nautical miles. Upon arrival in Saint [...]

Travel Support

Zika Virus January 29, 2016 The Zika virus, spread to people through mosquito bites has been recently reported in 25 countries, including Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Martinique, Haiti and Puerto Rico. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is warning pregnant women against travel to those areas. According to the CDC, the illness is […]